Hi hi! So glad to hear from you, thank you for inquiring about Greenwood Brewing’s marketing role.

To start, we want to be clear that this is not an application for full-time employment, but rather an application to lead Greenwood Brewing’s marketing program as a Freelancer, Marketing Agency, or perhaps even as a Side-Hustle.

Our ideal candidate is someone who wants to strategize with Greenwood Brewing, but specializes in executing that vision. She/He/They are forward-thinking, but are still eager to learn. Our marketing person/organization will bring new ideas to our team, will be ready to take action in carrying-out those ideas, and will be flexible in doing ~all the things~.

We have some additional requirements for the job, so please double-check them before submitting an application:

  • Website development experience (preferably wordpress)
  • Managed social media accounts
  • Launched a successful brand/product/campaign
  • Thorough understanding of digital media analytics
  • Local to the Phoenix metro area
  • Resonates with the Greenwood Brewing brand and values of our business
  • Is positive, energetic, and ready to have fun!

If you’ve made it here, great! The application is below. This application will close on January 31st, 2021 so be sure to get your details in before then!

Thank you again,

– Megan Greenwood & the Greenwood Brewing Team


This application has closed. 


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