5 Ways to Become a Better Beer Drinker This Summer

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With summer around the corner and patio beers a-calling, here are 5 ways to become a better beer drinker, from us to you. Don’t worry, you can high-five us later.

1. The only frozen we believe in is Queen Elsa.

Last we checked, we don’t live in Arendelle, although it does look gorg. No, winter is not coming, so it’s about time you defrost your mug already. Sure, given this summer’s heat waves, you might be tempted to take your dear beer to Arctic temperatures a la frosty mug, but you’ll lose out on the goodness that is aroma, flavor and carbonation. So, pass on that frosty glass, amiga.

2. Expiration dates aren’t just for car seats.

Oh, you weren’t aware that a car seat has a sell/buy date, either? Us too. Not to worry – here’s some #seriousknowledge headed your way. Yes! It’s true — while car seats expire in six to 10 years after their manufacture date, other consumer products like beer expire, too. So, how’s that all work out? While some brews like stouts only improve with time, others — like IPAs — expire quickly and are best enjoyed within a few weeks to months. So go on, check the dates on your brews stat — as if you needed any more of a reason to crack open a soon-to-expire cold one over lunch. (You’re welcome.)

3. Stop, drop, and swirl.

That’s right. Swirl, twirl and spin your beer around in your glass like no one’s watching. By moving the beer around in the glass, you’ll open up the ale’s aromas while also testing the retention of the beer’s foam head. If you’re a swirling superstar already, then try smelling those magical aromas, too. Do this while keeping the beer in your glass, and you’re living in #promoves city, my friend, population YOU.

4. Hello darkness, our old friend.

We’re not sure if it was Simon or Garfunkel who said it first, but they were right — darkness is a friend to beer. While you might be craving some vitamin D this summer, your beer sure isn’t, so save that sunburn for your mama. Think of your beers like Bella Swan and give them the dark, dry Twilight vibes they deserve.

5. Step away from the unauthorized glass.

We repeat, glassware is surprisingly important! And, it can seriously impact your beer-drinking experience. What the Wanda, right?  Here’s the real deal — most often, a mug or stein is a solid glassware choice to ensure you can enjoy the flavors, foam and bubbles the way the beer goddesses intended. For frothy pilsners, use a tall pilsner glass and let it sit for a hot minute to let the flavors come out of hiding. And, while we’re at it, let’s just all agree on this — no copper  mugs, water bottles or flamingobongs for craft beer drinking and everyone’s happy, K?

…OK, fine. We’ll consider the flamingobong.

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