Zen Babe and Herstory Soul — Meet this Month’s Herstory Spotlight

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As a yoga teacher, dog mom, and fellow #girlboss, this month’s Herstory Spotlight Nominee is no stranger to working her Asana off.

Meet Alisha Leytem — Iowa native and founder of the Zen Babe Tribe, a movement-based organization for women seeking emotional and financial freedom.

One-part nature lover, one-part IPA beer lover (and the occasional Sour!), one-part business coach, the new-to-San Diego entrepreneur has worked to build a successful online business and has a lot to say about Herstory and the journey to the empowered self.

“I’ve learned that self belief and self love doesn’t come without its challenges — it’s part of a daily practice and serious commitment to yourself,” says Alisha.

Alisha, who offers trainings, e-courses and coaching to help women focus on achieving spiritual health, abundance and total zen, also operates an online essential oils shop, offering all-natural products to heighten awareness, reduce stress and help women find their inner peace, love and joy.

“I believe my life mission is to empower heart-centered women to love and believe in themselves unapologetically, to use natural wellness remedies, and to completely transform themselves to successfully fulfill their life purpose,” she said.

And about that beer. Alisha has found a new true love in the west coast beer capital by the sea, and while Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin is a memorable fave, she’s found a new taste by mixing the signature Sculpin with a drop of her pure grade grapefruit essential oil.

How’s that for innovation, crafty ladies?

What other #Herstory life hacks and #BossMove pro-tips would Alisha offer fellow lady friends to live a more intentional life? We thought you’d never ask:

Alisha’s #Herstory Life Hacks:

  1. Embrace simple living. In our homes, minds and daily calendars, remember that less is always more.
  2. Meditate and find your spiritual space. By creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual zen, you can restore inner balance and increase mental focus.
  3. Exercise your mind AND your body. Minds and bodies are interconnected — with exercise you can improve physical wellbeing and nourish your spirit.

Zen Babe, which celebrates its fourth anniversary this year, has cultivated a dedicated tribe of over 1,000 boss babes, who believe there’s more to life than just surviving — it’s about thriving through intentional living.

Inspired by Alisha’s story?

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