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Hello to Miss Lisa Greenwood, today’s BEERinspiration! Lisa was nominated on our Herstory nomination page and is the sister of our founder, Megan Greenwood. We are just so excited (and a little nostalgic) to be featuring Lisa, a 3rd year biology student at Iowa State University, and just the sweetest, (beer)spirational young woman. #Herstory began with her early entrance into the world – in fact, 3 months early. 

When Lisa was born, her doctors prepared her family with news that no family wants to hear, that she would not live longer than a few days. With the help of modern medicine, ultra-love, and a miracle, Lisa sits with us today – as healthy as ever – and tells us,

I don’t often enough stop to think about how blessed I am to be given the gift of life, but I was – and we all were. And it has been a mission of mine to not take it for granted.”

Can we say inspirational?!

Lisa encourages all of us to “take some time to think about the things in our life or even in our day that we’re grateful for.” Amen, sister (literally). We agree with Lisa to take a few minutes to ourselves each day to disconnect. And even better if we can enjoy a Greenwood Brew after our wind down!

Speaking of beer.

Lisa’s story may resonate with some of you: originally, she’s avoided beer because it was the “boys” drink. And she was much more interested in a different man… Captain Morgan (I mean, who can argue with that). But as she got older, she realized she wanted to drink beer because it was the boys drink, and to hang out with them she needed to be drinking what they drank (we can relate). Luckily, we’ve got something for you, Lisa. Lisa began to learn about the life of craft beer, and with the help of – if we don’t mind saying it ourselves – Greenwood Brewing, she’s found a few beers that she’s enjoyed and glad that she “found her way”.

Lisa’s story was nominated on our Herstory Nomination Page, where we’d love to hear your story.

This story is where I draw my inspiration and empowerment from and I can’t wait to sit with a Greenwood Brew in my hand and have a conversation with others about where they get theirs”

Have a Herstory of your own to celebrate? Visit our Herstory Spotlight page and nominate a remarkable woman today

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