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“Success doesn’t have to be a dollar sign, success is the ability to take life day by day with a hunger for knowledge and growth while uplifting those around you.” Says, Mahfam Moeeni-Alarcon, Greenwood Brewing’s Herstory Spotlight and a beautiful and artisanal person inside and out.  

Herstory begins as a first generation American, her parents immigrated from Iran and she was born four years later in Tucson. Throughout her life, Mahfam’s family expected her to be a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, but she tells us that she’s “the type of person that seeks risks for reward,” and had other plans for herstory.

While attending school at Arkansas State University and studying biology and chemistry, Mahfam took a break to watch what she thought was another television show, but Oprah Winfrey (and her inspiring ways) changed Mahfam’s life. She was moved to “follow her dreams”, shifted her major to Business Management, and dove into the food and beverage industry.

Can we get a clip of that Oprah show?!

From her first job as a line cook at a local country club, to teaching cooking classes at public libraries, to attending the Arizona Culinary Institute, Mahfam’s “15 year internship” set her on the path to start her first business Olove Artisinal and her current business M.A.H.F. an Artisanal food and catering company.

I’m doing what I love to do and everyday.”

But her path wasn’t always so easy. Mahfam suffers with general anxiety and social anxiety disorder and starting her own business wasn’t a simple combination. “It was debilitating most of my young adulthood and even into my early 30’s” she tells us.

Many times I wanted to give up and quit, and sometimes I did.”

But this didn’t stop her. Mahfam pushed herself to take on challenges that would cause her to face her fears: leadership roles, talking in front of crowds, jobs that involved interaction. Through it all, she’s learned how to embrace her feelings of anxiety rather than run away from it. She removed caffeine from her diet (yes this includes coffee!), and uses daily meditation exercises. “I’m a big believer in accepting your fears in order to move forward – it’s what got me to finally take the leap as an entrepreneur”.

I know. We’re inspired too.

We asked her what she thinks one thing women can do every day to empower themselves and she told us to,

Be more accepting of yourself. When we accept ourselves as who we are, and accept that we all have our own journey to succeed, we are able to celebrate each other’s successes.”

Mahfam’s word of the year is “Yes!” and you can hear it throughout all of her interactions. She is most proud of having a healthy and happy family and! (one of our favorite parts) is that she gets to pair her food with great craft beer and wine! Her favorite beer right now is Huss Brewing’s Kolsch but her go-to’s are Sours and Stouts – which we think is Amazing.

You can find Mahfam at to purchase her delicious (if we do say so ourselves) artisan food! And while you’re browsing, be sure to head over to our nomination page to nominate your favorite story to share! Visit our Herstory Spotlight page and nominate a remarkable woman today

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