This Month, We Celebrate Genuwinely Amazing Women & Herstory

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At Greenwood Brewing, We Inspire Herstory. Say What!?

As a woman-owned brewing company, we believe in celebrating women who inspire others and make a difference.

Named after our female-focused line of Herstory ales, the Herstory Spotlight features a badass woman (or women!) who help to build a world where women live without limits, regardless of shape, size, caramelization or bubbles.

From local change makers and artists to international educators and empire builders, we’ve created the Greenwood Brewing Herstory Spotlight — a monthly feature that celebrates remarkable trailblazing women in our community.

Know a crafty lady who’s checking all the boxes? Head over here to nominate her for next month’s Herstory Spotlight!

So, Who’s This Month’s sHERO?

If you ask our friends at GenuWine Arizona, there’s no problem a glass of wine can’t solve.

Founded by former math and science teachers turned wine bar owners, Lindsey Schoenemann and Emily Rieve, this month’s featured Herstory women have long thought about starting various businesses together.

“We’ve always brainstormed about companies and adventures we wanted to pursue in Phoenix. When we noticed how excited we were about our wine bar concept that evolved to become GenuWine, we knew we had to pursue it,” Lindsey said.

But, it wasn’t all wine and roses, the duo notes. There were ample risks on the road to #girlboss city.

“At times it seemed impossible, but we had so many inspiring and incredible women — and men! —  who helped us tackle some pretty big obstacles,” said Emily.

What would the Phoenix-based GenuWine owners do differently? Not a thing, they say. But they do have some tips for women who are looking to build their dream career and live the life they’ve imagined.

Genuwine’s 3 Tips for Female Founders:  

  1. Build strong relationships with other women in the business you’re in and lean on them along the way.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. But really. Ask away!
  3. Just go for it! Keep at it until you accomplish your goals. There will be times when it may seem impossible, and you will definitely encounter roadblocks along the way, but your hard work and perseverance will pay off in the end. Just keep going!

Is it just us, or is it time to grab a beer and blast a little, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey right now??

We digress.

GenuWine, which celebrated its two-month anniversary on March 5, is a 100 percent women-owned wine and beer bar offering customers a choice of 24 self-serve wines (most of them from local  Arizona winemakers), Arizona craft beer, and locally sourced cheese boards.

The relaxed vibe allows patrons to sip, relax, and repeat at their leisure (or at least that’s how our team at Greenwood Brewing does it).

Want to join us in celebrating two GenuWinely amazing women who inspire Herstory? We thought you’d never ask!

The Greenwood Brewing team will be on site at GenuWine on April 6th, as part of AZ Food & Wine’s POUR Phx. We’ll join other Arizona breweries, wineries and local artists to tap our newest beer, Herstory Ale from 5:30pm to 8pm MST. More details on this event can be found here.

Inspired by Lindsey and Emily’s story? Have an awesome Herstory of your own to celebrate? Visit our Herstory Spotlight page and nominate a fantastic woman today!


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